Road Trippin’ Back Home

September 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thursday, 9th September 2010

05:00 PM: IRCTC comes up finally and I print my train ticket to Cochin. Looking at it, I suddenly realise my train is at 05:15 from Majestic and not at 6:50 as I was telling everyone in office. Note to self: (That you are going home does not always mean it’s a Friday)

05:10 PM: In one last ditch effort to catch the train from KR Puram, my team-lead drops me at Silkboard and I hop on to the first cab. The driver boy does almost everything except driving on two wheels, but flyover constructions all along make sure we take a good 40 mins to reach KR Puram.

05:50 PM: The inevitable happens! I miss the train by some 3 minutes. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, it starts to rain. I board a bus back to silk board, more to escape from the rain than with any clear plan. And it takes a full two hours to get back there.

08:00 PM: Silk Board V.2.0! I try stopping all SETC buses to Salem side. Not a single guy is interested.

08:30 PM: Plain Dosa and Double Omelette from a roadside redi. At 22 bucks, this is the best dinner I’ve had in a while. Back to the hopeless task of getting a bus back home.

09:00 PM: In what seemed like my 100th attempt, a tourist bus driver decides to stop. I run as fast as I can, overtake some 5 other hopefuls and ask in the most pathetic sounding tones: “Anne, Salem?”. In heavy Kannada accent, he replies: “Kottayam, Cheta. Cabin.”. If words could be music to ones ears, this one was a full rock show! The next second, I am in the cabin, still unable to believe that I have found a ride all the way back home.

09:05 PM: I look around. It’s a brand new Leyland, on one of those lucrative ‘special-trips’ to Kerala on a long weekend. I settle on top the the bonnet and with it’s sponge lining, it’s a warm cozy bed!

09:30 PM: Bus passes Hosur. Driver Manju and Madhu in the cabin, Jack Johnson, John Denver and Dolores O’Riodan in my music player. Excellent company, I say!

11:00 PM: I don’t really know if I was beginning to get bored. Anyways, I take out my cam and start doing random experiments. And get interesting results like this:

03:00 AM: No hint of Mr. Sandman! Lovely play of colours on the road, light drizzle all the way, some clean driving, good music and a totally-worth-it pit stop for tea!

06:00 AM: Dawn breaks and we are near VaLayar. Hazaar trucks causing frustrating traffic jams. One can say from the look on the drivers’ faces that they’ve been there for hours. We even had to wake up a couple of them who had parked their trucks in the middle of the road and had fallen fast asleep, completely unaware that the traffic had started moving again.

08:00 AM: Home Sweet Home! And it’s sweeter this time, as at one point of time, I had given up all hope of getting there!


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