Now Running: Maverick Meerkat 10.10

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just updated to the latest ubuntu 10.10,  maverick meerkat and my desktop looks like this now.


(Click on image for higher resolution)

Why you should try it too:

Easy to use. In fact, easier to use than any flavour of Windows. In fact, THE easiest OS to use, and I’m not exaggerating here. You could install all your common software from your wifi-driver to Crome, VLC, Wireshark or Tuxguitar with just ONE click from Ubuntu Software Center.

EVERYTHING works perfectly. (But for games, I miss FIFA and NFS). The New Open Office which comes bundled with 10.10 can read and write doc and xls as well as the new docx and xlsx formats.

My system boots up in 8 seconds! And it’s a 2005, Made-in-Pilani, P4 with 512 MB RAM!! And by 8 seconds, I mean a desktop ready to work and not a stuck wallpaper image with worms, trojans and state-of-the-art defense mechanism against them running in the background.

No more viruses and no more anti-viruses, both of which hog the system. Which also means, your system doesn’t go slower day by day.


Licensed Windows Folks: All this is for FREE. (Do you know that you can bargain off around 3-4k from the Dell guy during purchase if you don’t need Windows?)
Pirated  Windows Folks: Salvation is here. Stop the war with your own conscience and stop cheating the rich fella.

Do it today. Every help guaranteed, though I am sure you won’t need any!



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