Volunteer for Melagiri!

January 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dabguli festival takes place around Shivrathri time in an old temple located along Kaveri, in Urigam Range of the Melagiris. This year, the festival is marked to fall on the 5th and 6th of February, 2011. The festival is a grand event, and during it, this otherwise pristine and untouched land sees participation of villagers in numbers as high as 10,000. With plastic becoming such a big part of our lives, the impact of such a gathering for 2 days along Kaveri poses a serious threat to the subtle ecological balance of Dabguli and all the forest ranges down-stream.

Kenneth Anderson Nature Society (KANS) has taken up the task to contain the effect of such a huge social gathering . We have already made arrangements with the organising committee for the festival to replace plastic plates with areca plates and promised them that we will bear the extra costs incurred. We would also like to remind the attendees not to litter the forest and river bank and deposit the used plates in the pits arranged for that purpose. Also, at the end of the event, we are planning to pick up any plastic that is littered around the area. A screening of the Kannada Version of the Nagarhole Video is also being planned.

We are looking at around 20-30 volunteers during this period. The initial plan is to assemble at Anchetty Guest House on Friday night, go to Dabguli on Saturday, stay over-night and come back on Sunday evening.

The villagers and the organising committee are sincere about the damages caused by pollution. Our presence and the efforts we take along with them to clean-up the place, will further drive home these points in their mind. If you are interested to be a part of this initiative, do let me know / mail ka.naturesociety@gmail.com


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