Edubuntu Natty Narwhal

May 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

OK! My Edubuntu 11.04 is up and running; the installation was a breeze as usual. Here are some screen-shots (click on images for high res):

Natty comes pre-installed with loads of latest software including the latest Firefox-4 and Empathy.


If you need to install third party software like Skype/Chrome/VLC, it is all just one click away with Ubuntu Software Center.


Libre Office makes sure you don’t need to pay through your nose for a good office suite, capable of opening even the latest docx, xlsx formats.


Edubuntu is also pre-loaded with hazaar educational packages for kids of all ages.


If you’ve been bored with traditional desktop environments, you can try the brand new Unity.

Or, you can stick with the good old gnome as I did.

Add to this, the awesome banshee music player which has been beautifully integrated into the panel, mplayer which can play EVERY video format available on the planet, glitch free driver support for wifi and graphic cards, one click activation if you want to use your phone GPRS/3G over bluetooth/usb for internet … All this with the no-virus, no-spam, no-anti-virus, no-compromise-on-security, no-slowing down, no-ages-to-bootup/shutdown, no-crashing-down,  no-blue-screen-of-death guarantee, that linux offers. And it is free, and free as in both free-speech and free-beer.

I hear even Opus Dei doesn’t use Windows these days. Why the hell are you still stuck with it? Salvation is here.


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