Unityed we Ubuntu; Gnomed we Debian

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

October 20: Finally manage some free time to do my routine OS upgrade, to Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot this time. Everything goes fine, but then, who took my minimalistic, efficient and awesome gnome2.x!!? All I have is this flashy animated Unity which shows firefox and movie player icons everywhere in so HUGE sizes, I feel it treats me like #$@%$!

October 21: Officially hate Unity. Get Debian Squeeze. Ubuntu is powered by Debian anyway, so lets go back to mama. So I begin the installation. After a million clicks, a billion MB downloads and a zillions eras (read: overnight), it simply says “Ooops. I screwed up after I formatted your drive and while installing grub”! I say thanks and restart the whole sweet process. This time, it says “Done!”. Yay! I boot it up and it boots in a record 4 seconds, and gives me a 320 B.C. command prompt! I then search from my friends PC and manually install GDM. It then logs into my dearest gnome2.x gui. Awesome! And then Debian becomes Debian again. Sees my wifi and graphical cards but doesn’t bother to say Hi. Bye Bye Debian. Got too used to things being made simple.

October 23: Ubuntu 10.04. It is LTS. It is stable. It is gnome2.x. All goes fine. After all, it is my favourite OS till date. Format out the drive again and does the installation. Everything works. But then why does it look a bit primitive now? Why am I stuck with technology that is two and a half years old??

October 24: Back to Ubuntu 11.10, with the gnome-3 this time. I now begin to get it why Ubuntu had a biieeggg fight with gnome and started working on Unity. Switched back to Unity, reduced some font sizes and exterminated the pink/lavender/purple extravaganza. It looks like this now:

Desktop will never be clean again, thanks to Unity Dock 😦

The good news is, you get more space for applications. Unity integrates the application's menu onto the taskbar and the dock on leftside is autohide by default.

The main menu has undergone serious cosmetic changes. I can't find my applications where they used to be!

So, 24th October early morning, I realize gnome2.x is long gone, no one is going to support it and gnome3.x is equally bad as Unity, if not worse. So, I have decided to give Unity a second chance. But need to reduce the sizes of those icons. They are insulting. Seriously.

P.S: The rest of the stuff… Browsing, Office, Video, Songs, basically EVERYTHING works perfectly fine as usual.


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